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Freelance FinanceMarch 17, 2021

Quick Primer on Self-Employment Tax For Freelancers with W-2 Income

One of the most important but also mystifying parts of being a freelancer is the need to pay our own taxes. This can be especially tricky if you also have part-time or full-time W-2 income. I looked for an easy-to-use self-employment tax calculator to determine how much I need to charge as a freelancer (along…

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ClientsMarch 02, 2021

What Game of Thrones Taught Me about Landing Freelance Clients

As a newly minted freelancer, I spend a good deal of time thinking about how to market myself to clients. A fan of the TV show Game of Thrones, I realized there’s a ton in common between the trial by combat mechanic in the world of Westeros and how freelancers are hired. If you are…

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